simiRa Find similar microRNAs and RBPs


Find functionally similar miRNAs and RNA-binding proteins

What is simiRa?

simiRa searches for miRNAs and RBPs that target the same genes or have similar functional categories.

It helps to explore the functional neighborhood of a miRNA/RBP.

How do I search?

1) Search for a miRNA or RBP in the search field on the left (e.g. 'PUM2').
2) Results are shown in the central panel. Click a result to load data.
3) The network of miRNAs/RBPs will appear in 'Similarity network' panel below.

What is the result?

simiRa displays a network of miRNAs and RBPs, connected by edges describing their similarity in terms of target genes (green) and associated functional categories (red).

What next?

Select an element in the network and click 'Expand' to show its neighbors.

Select multiple elements to show their targets/associated categories below the network view.

Find miRNA/RBP

Search for a miRNA or RBP by typing its name. Example: search for 'PUM2' to get the case study from the paper.

Show full list


Click on a result element to load similar miRNAs/RBPs.

Loading Data

Search Settings

Search for miRNAs and/or RBPs.
Search for similarity by gene/term.
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miRNA-RBP similarity network


Select elements in the network view by left click (Shift + left click for multiple elements). The panels below show the intersection of associated functional categories and target genes for the selected elements. Click a gene ID to open the gene in the NCBI gene database.

Intersection of associated terms

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Intersection of associated target genes